Viroqua Sunset

Viroqua Sunset

I captured this beautiful sunset near the city of Viroqua, Wisconsin. There’s an interesting back-story:

A friend of mine and myself made a quick trip from La Crosse to Madison, taking the I-90. On our way out of Madison, we somehow got turned around and weren’t sure how to make it back to the freeway. We asked a cab driver for directions. When he told us, he had a certain mischievous quality about him. I had the feeling he was misleading us, but we took his directions anyhow. He did, in fact, give us directions back to La Crosse; however, he gave us the backcountry route, as opposed to directions back to the freeway. In hindsight, he did us a favor as the trip back has absolutely beautiful. We drove through some of the most rural country and farmland I’ve ever experienced. The sun began to set when we were near Viroqua, Wisconsin and just a bit south of La Crosse. The view was breathtaking and I insisted that we pull over so I could take some photographs. What you see is the result.

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